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She begins presenting as a girl in that episode during school hours, despite the pressure she experiences from classmates to appear in male attire. [29] His voice could actually be described as a countertenor. [223] In "Nationals", he and Rachel have a friendly moment when he confides in her how nervous and pressured he is to win after Vocal Adrenaline lost for the first time in years the year before. The producers engineered his absence from the series to allow a romance to develop between Quinn and new student Sam Evans. Joe appears again in season six in "The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester" and accuses Sue of having cut off his dreadlocks. Terri briefly believes herself to be pregnant, and pushes Will to take a better paying job as an accountant. According to Lengies, Sugar's self-diagnosed Aspergers is part of her character. John Lloyd Young guest stars in the episode "Acafellas" as Henri St. Pierre, "a retired wood shop teacher with an excellent singing voice". The “Glee” series finale airs Friday, but the stars of the Fox show are far from unemployed. I think he's still got a good heart, but there's this insecurity and bitterness piled on top of it. Now, as the holidays are approaching, members from Glee are honoring her giving spirt by throwing a fundraiser in her honor to help those that Rivera truly cared about and helped through donations and volunteer work while she was still alive.. Naya Rivera’s giving holiday spirit is being kept alive by Glee cast members, who launched a charity drive in her honor. [2], Auditioning actors with no theatrical experience were required to demonstrate their ability to sing and dance. His relationship with Kurt is later strained by Kurt's eagerness to leave for New York after graduation, which would separate the two at least until Blaine graduated the following year, but the two patch things up, and are still a couple at the end of the school year. [257] Harris won the 2010 Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series" for his appearance. Oliver Kieran Jones graduated from LAMDA, a real London school similar to Glee's fictional NYADA. He next appears in the third-season episode "The First Time". Rod Remington (Bill A. Jones) is a television news anchor on the newscast where Sue Sylvester has an opinion segment ("Sue's Corner"). He, along with Sam reveal the cheating done by the Warblers and earn New Directions a slot at Regionals, which they eventually win. At the end of "On My Way", while driving to Finn and Rachel's wedding, her car is struck by a truck and she suffers a spinal injury that requires her to use a wheelchair for many weeks. [58] Later, at her and Santana's wedding she convinces Blaine and Kurt to marry alongside them as a joint ceremony. He divides his time between Washington and Lima, acts as a father for both Kurt and Finn, and is there with Carole for both the Regionals show choir competition and the graduation of their two sons. [27] He briefly dates Rachel and Mercedes,[9][59] but ruins his chances with Quinn by sexting Santana in her presence. Ryder continues to pursue Marley, and even goes on a date with her following her breakup with Jake in the episode "Movin' Out". In the fourth season, Mercedes has moved there and is taking classes at UCLA as well as being a backup singer, though she returns to help with the school musical,[36] for Thanksgiving,[32] and for Mr. Schuester's wedding. April appears once again, at which point she has become the mistress to an elderly tycoon and is the owner/operator of a "cabaret roller rink". The actor, 28, took a break from “Glee” Season 3 to make his Broadway debut in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” and he is headed straight back after the “Glee” finale. Regular members of the group include a drummer played by John Lock[161][162] and a bassist played by Scott Henson (later a member of the real band Nightmare and the Cat),[163] both introduced in the pilot; a guitarist played by Spencer Conley in the first two seasons,[164] first seen in "Throwdown"; a guitarist played by Derik Nelson in seasons three to five,[165] replacing Conley in season three opener "The Purple Piano Project"; and a keyboardist played by Mark Nilan Jr. in the first two seasons,[166] who first appears in "The Power of Madonna". Cast Your … The “Glee” series finale airs Friday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox. Adler first appears in the uncut version of the premiere episode, "Pilot", and her memorial plaque serves as inspiration for Will to take over as glee club director. "[209], Grace Hitchens (Eve) is the show choir director of the Jane Addams Academy for troubled female youth. [42] She quits the cheerleading squad in "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle". [143][144][145] He later warns Kurt not to tell anyone about it, threatening to kill him if he does. Santana can't accept her sexuality because she is ashamed and too afraid of coming out. "So you won't see me or Rachel Berry anywhere in there. With Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith. I quite like that, though: it contributes to the general sense that Puck is a throwback, created equally by his performance style and repertoire of songs by people like Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen. He sends Kurt to New York in the fall, and when he visits at Christmas, reveals that he has recently been treated for prostate cancer, and that it appears to have been caught in time. After the Troubletones place second at Sectionals, Shelby resigns as director, and the Troubletones are told they are all welcome in New Directions, Sugar accompanies Mercedes, Santana and Brittany when they return, and sings "We Are Young" with the group. Finn notices something special about him and encourages Ryder to audition for the school's upcoming production of Grease. [23] He and Tina are still a couple at the end of the year, but she breaks up with him over the summer. McHale hosts a British comedy show called “Virtually Famous,” which was picked up for two more seasons. Last week, after days of searching, Naya Rivera's body was recovered from a Southern California lake. [25][80] Mike tries out for the school musical, West Side Story, against his father's wishes, and is briefly disowned by him, though his father later comes to understand Mike's desire to become a dancer and supports his decision to go to college for dance. During the season three premiere, as a show of loyalty to Sue, she participates in setting one of the glee club's pianos on fire and is dismissed from New Directions by Mr. Schuester. Although initially convinced by Sue and Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) to leave for his own safety, Beiste later returns home and gives Cooter a second chance,[100] though he does ultimately leave Cooter and gives him back Bieste's wedding ring. [275] Lerner appears again in the fifth season, and in that season's premiere, two more Funny Girl–related roles were introduced: Peter Facinelli plays Rupert Campion, the musical's director, and Ioan Gruffudd appears as Paolo San Pablo, the show's lead male actor. In the 5th season, Jake cheats on Marley with Bree, a cheerleader, and he and Marley break up. Ever! "[3] Glee's costume designer Lou Eyrich selects "quirky" outfits for Emma, to reflect her "sunny disposition". As a local celebrity, Rod has been tapped to judge show choir competitions—he has appeared as a judge for four of those that New Directions has competed in: the first and sixth season's Sectionals competitions, and the Regionals competitions for the first two seasons. But one thing I really respect about him is that he goes after something: He just doggedly pursues Emma. She begins to get treatment for her OCD in "Born This Way". "My character is very different than anything you've ever seen me do before," Michele teased to Entertainment Tonight. Discover more posts about glee cast. Use the mouse of the computer to play this exciting game. In the second season, Sue is appointed acting principal after having Figgins infected with the flu but she later stands down. "[3] Michele described the first thirteen episodes of the series as: "Rachel's journey of finding herself within the glee club",[8] explaining that: "She's learning how to be a team player and work within this group."[8]. [72] Kurt inadvertently pulls away from Blaine due to his internship; distraught, Blaine cheats on Kurt. [127][128] He is a Christian, wears his hair in dreadlocks, and has been home schooled until that point; he joins the "God Squad" club, whose other members include three who are members of the glee club: Mercedes, Sam, and Quinn. [264] In the sixth season, Geraldo Rivera appears as himself, doing an interview with Sue after she has been fired as McKinley High's Principal; a segment of the interview includes an appearance by Michael Bolton, who denies knowing Sue or having been the parent of Sue's daughter Robin.[129]. Wade "Unique" Adams (Alex Newell) is a recurring character in seasons 3, 4 and 6, and a main character in season 5. Fun facts: cast, trivia, popularity rankings, and more. Initially a spy for cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, she comes to enjoy her club participation. She might not be ready to come out yet, but she is."[52]. They graduate in season finale, but while Rachel gets into a New York school, Finn does not; on their wedding day, he instead sends her off to New York without him to fulfill her dreams, and Finn enlists in the army to follow his late father's footsteps. [190][191] Crystal Bell of Huffington Post said of her first appearance only that Leakes "does well", but by the time of her third appearance in "Big Brother", after having praised guest star Matt Bomer, she added that "he's no NeNe Leakes, but not everyone can be that fabulous".[192][193]. [276], Adam Lambert debuted in the fourth episode of the fifth season, "A Katy or a Gaga", as Elliott "Starchild" Gilbert, a student at NYU. [123] On the other hand, TV Guide "jeered" Sugar, calling her "an off-key addition to the cast". Samuel "Sam" Evans (Chord Overstreet) is a transfer student who joins the football team in season two. A third, "All or Nothing", is performed at Regionals in the fourth-season finale, and New Directions wins the competition. Rachel auditions for Funny Girl and she gets the role. He is a younger half-brother of Puck, whom he has never met. On April 29, he’ll take over the role of Hedwig, a German transgender rock star, in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at the Belasco Theater. Although Figgins was initially conceived as White, Pakistani American actor Theba was cast in the role. He later starts dating Kitty, who encourages him to keep their affair secret. She briefly rejoins the glee club as an adult, during a period in which Rachel had left the club and it was in need of a female lead. Marley asks Jake to the school's Sadie Hawkins dance and he accepts. Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) was first introduced in the third-season episode "Yes/No" as McKinley High's new synchronized swim coach, a sport in which she received an Olympic bronze medal. In the third episode, Mercedes quits the glee club and joins the new, rival McKinley show choir, the Troubletones, run by Shelby Corcoran, later recruiting Santana and Brittany to join her. [17] She discovers she has actually experienced a hysterical pregnancy, but hides this from Will, afraid he will leave her. He does not stay in touch with Rachel or Kurt for several months. He is introduced as a new Dalton Academy Warbler in the fifth episode, "The First Time". She and her brother successfully audition for the New Directions and become the third and fourth members of the newly reformed club. While this student ensemble was introduced in the pilot episode, with numerous appearances throughout the series, none of these instrumentalists were given character names. He briefly joins New Directions in order to fill the membership quota for sectionals, as a temporary replacement for Finn. She executive-produced a documentary called “Twinsters,” which premiered at SXSW this week. In the fifth episode, "The Role You Were Born to Play", she tries out for and is cast in the female role of Rizzo for the school musical, Grease, but Sue Sylvester informs her parents in the following episode, "Glease", and they pull her from the show. Kevin McHale – The Texas native will leave behind Artie’s wheelchair and the United States. Shelby returns in the second episode of season three, "I Am Unicorn", having been recruited to lead a second glee club at McKinley High by Sugar Motta's father when Sugar is refused entry into New Directions. [3], Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams) came from a boy-band background, having previously been part of the group Not Like Them. [120] Sugar remains with New Directions at their Nationals victory, and returns the next year to continue with the glee club at Sectionals and Regionals, but has not appeared in the fifth season. [258], Guest stars have included Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John, who appeared as themselves both separately and acting as judges at the first-season show choir regionals competition.

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