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GUBBIES!!!!! Bread Basket (stomach) Tommy tinkie (Left eye) Thought it was funny!!! This is where the cat sits (forehead) (slap thighs), My hand on my nose, Like a small pocket of our collective childhoods lives on. Tommy tinker. eye-winker, nose-dropper, mouth-muncher, chin-chomper, bread basket, knee-bender, foot-stomper (I think there was one for chest too, but can’t remember what it was) Chin Chopper Mouth eater – mouth etc. Hat-wrecker, hat-wrecker, doodly-doo (with a twirly gesture at my head) “I asked my Mom, vot I got here. This is my brow blister my sister dear. That’s what we learned in the school,mommy. Eyeblinker, headknocker, nik nik nik new The version I grew up with was off of a kids album (I can’t remember the name of it). chest tector. Nose dropper – nose chin chooper Vas ist vas here Hair puller (touching hair) Hat On My Head Lyrics. This is the way I learned it. belly rub. That’s what I learned in my school. And a goochy-goochy goo-tickling chin. I was born in 1953. Boom! lap sitter (lap) Head Knocker. (then tickle and say “get that little girl). Dickey, dickey doo Boom! With my hands on my shoulder now vat is dis here this is my: Yah Yah! Vas ist das here? Nose Dropper, Mouth Eater (nose, mouth) Head knocker chin-chopper The oldest version in English I’ve found of this rhyme so far is: Eye winker, Volly, volly, volly, voo. This is my DIGNITY We point to the various parts of the body as we sing, With my hands on my head, what have I here I wish I had done so earlier…for me teenage phase is in full swing now!!! My 3 y.o. It has German words, but I don’t know what they are, or what they mean, so I’ll spell them as we’ve always pronounced them. Boy Kisser- mouth Chin-chopper (touch chin) lip locker Eye winker walks in hip-wiggler – chorus – My mom would say: Lyrics Edit. Shin scraper, Breadbasket, rubbernecker, chinchopper, noseblower, eyeblinker, headknocker Inky Dinky Doo Here’s where he cracks his whip (bridge of nose) bug stompers (feet) Chin chopper (He’d touch my chin) Does anyone know the English version, instead of the nicky nacky noo, my grandad used to sing ‘wiggly waggly wool’ does anyone know that version? My Mom had six children and our version was similar – it went: This is my chin chopper, This is my toe stomper To this day, we all call an eye lash, an eye winker! (FIRST VERSE) My hand on myself, what’s this right here, this is my top-notcher (point to top of head), my Mama dear. That’s what I learned in my school. Whee Whee Whee *tickles under chin. The words are almost the same except when it came to the ‘bottom’, we used to turn around, point to our bottom and sing, I remember that it was called “The Immigrant Song”. Written By: Unknown Copyright Unknown; believed to have begun as an old German folksong. Chin Dropper (touch the chin) That is my head knocker, my souvenir. This is my headacher ya papa dear. Food grinder, soup strainer, I point to myself, Vas is (or maybe instead of “vas is” it is “I say”) das here? Vas is das here? GOTTA GET YA’ UNDER (tickling the neck). Apparently there is a completely different song with that name – don’t know if the words were changed to accord with a romantic song of the 30’s. Fore Bender neck stretcher bread basket (tummy) Soup strainer … bread basket … and baby bouncer (knee). Chin chopper=chin kiss maker (lips) Here’s where the rooster sits (forehead) That’s what I learned from school today. Bull shooter eye blinker eye Winker, (eye) These are my knee knockers my teacher dear, Foot kicker, or stomper (? This is my (chin-chopper) …jolly good cheer – Mouth eater (point to mouth) Rubbernecker (Nose) I learned this as a kid in the late 1940s. This is my soup strainer, This is the dominicer my darlin, my dear Tom tincker (circle left eye) Mouth Eater My mother was from West Virginia and had German, Swiss, and Scotch-Irish ancestors. Gully gully gully! eye blinker This is my hip swayer Vas ist das, Vas ist das? mouth eater that’s what they taught me when i went to shcool. Domininker…and that’s what I learned at my school. My Mama dear Mouth-eater Chin-chopper, nose-rosy, eye-peeper, thinking-box and nicky-nicky-noo – eye winker Ours was passed down for generations… might have been modified in the process: What is this my son Boom! What is this, mommy dear? Nose smeller (point to nose) This is the version my great aunt taught me. Knee knocker, Toe stomped Nose Sniffer I only remembered it when she sang it to my children. Soup Strainer (under nose) Unfortunately I can’t ask him how the whole song goes as he has passed. Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Beetle Crusher Mouth Eater (touch the mouth) Eye blinker Eyewinker (lightly touching left eyelid under brow) Sit Upon- butt Horn blower with my hands on my head, thats what i learned in school. My mama dear. That’s what I learned in my school, Eye blinker Kids generally start to tuck they chin and laugh about the time you get to the lips. eyeblinker, headknocker, This is what I learnt, when I went to school. My little boy wanted me to do the same when he was about four. Vas is dis? Breadbasket Tommy tinker ( touch other eye area ) Lyrics: 8. Schnitzel Hole That’s what I learned in my school. Vos is dis my son, vos is dis, vos is this, this is my top notcher, top notcher dear. nose wiper. (point to mouth) Mouth-eater (touch mouth or right below mouth) trouble maker My brother in law sang this song. We used to have a great time singing that one at camp. “Head thinker, eye winker, nose smeller, soup strainer (mustache), girl kisser, bread basket (belly) oo, la, oo, la, oo, Dat’s vat ve lernt in de Schulehaus.”. Soup strainer This is my lap sitter, das vas ve learn in da schule Ma ma, Vas ist my eye tom tinker Tom Tinker (left eye) Peep in! Gully Hopper (tickle under chin). eye wink (touch side of eye on head) headacher headacher ya Papa dear. Boom! My dad performed it at almost every get together. Boy kicker=foot, F’ard (forehead) washer tom-tinker- right eye do-si my head bumper my momma dear, This is my sweatboxer* Forehead fair (forehead again) Chin chopper Everyone would laigh because they still remembered it in sync from when they were kids. Chin chopper chin chopper chin chopper chin. (finger tries to walk in between the child’s lips) You can go here for more info on Eye Winker. My hands by my side, vas ist das here (point to head) Loud Speaker Tom Tinker *taps under right eye Nose blower Mouth Eater My mom used it with us as kids and it would sometimes put us to sleep (she would do it several times over and over and do it more quietly and eventually skip the tickling part at the end). Very interesting to see the variations – I thought this one was just in my family too – none of my other mommy friends had heard it or anything like it. Nose blower(nose) My Mama dear What is this, what is this Sweat browser, That’s what I learned in my school. milk factory (Forehead) Then she said them all in reverse… Tommy tinker Mouth eater, Nose smeller Here’s the Oklahoma version: Ford Bumper (forehead…and yes, like the truck.) Knee bender I’d love to know the real words and their meaning! Open the latch (push up on nose) Das vat I learned in das school, yahoo. I wish everyone would’ve added the region they grew up in (some did) so we could see the similarities! Gully, gully, gully, gully, gully … (tickling from under chin to chest), The version I learned was sung with a fake German accent – 1950’s Das vas is dis Food grinder, soup strainer, Ankle bender, Vas ist das dich, Brow-bumper On the testimonials page you can easily upload photos and a few words about why you love your noo noo! Door Knocker It went something like this (but not entirely certain about some of the parts: With my head on my shoulders now what have we here? Domineerker, and thats what I learned in the school, yah! My Grandmother was from North Georgia and she would say: Far Arce (to head) Bread basket This is where he cracks his whip (forehead) My Mama dear That’s what they taught me when i went to school Das vat ve learned in da American school. Dich ist mein, Chin chopper Nose dropper, Boy Kisser I think mine went like this: Mine hand on mineself, vas is das here? Milk jugger (breasts) The version I grew up with is this (and after reading all the others I believe I am not remembering the nose part correctly and forgot the mouth part??). The Wiggles sing this song–their version is slightly different from the one I learned as a child, but here it is: Hands on my head what is that here? Dicky wiper That’s what I learned at the school. shin slider (shin). Dast vat we learned in the Schule haus. My Mama dear soup strainer This is my headknocker mama my dear Chin GREEZER!!! Eyes winky My hand on my mouth, let me know what else people are saying and if there are any more lyrics to the verses that I don’t know about. Eye-winker My 15 month old grand son loves it… when anyone says “fore-eye bender” he quickly points to his forehead and laughs. And, chinny chin chin – chucks under chin. What have I here? I point to myself right here right here this is my eye winked momma my dear eye winker, do thinker, top notcher momma my dear that’s what I learned at this camp dear camp…. My husband and I were discussing what the correct words are; seems like all are correct to me. Eye peeper, shwet boxer my momma dear. chin wagger (chin) Gully, Gully Gully (neck), eye winker(left eye), tom tinker (right eye), nose dropper, mouth eater, chin chatter, the go down cellar, the go down celler (tickling neck and chest), So many versions … mine is closer to Anna’s, With my hands on my head, what have I here? AND What is this here? With my hand on my shoulder and vas-ish-star-sheer, Food grinder, soup strainer, Open the door, (mouth) Fore bumper Some songs you've heard him … in the 50’s and learned this song in Brownies. kiss macher Eye See You That’s what they teach us at our pirate school, Hands on my waist what is that here? My Mum would say this to us when we were little. That’s what I learned in my school. Domi Domi Domi Row Mouth eater What is this, mommy dear? Vas ist my head Chin freezer Chest Protector (Keep adding body parts until the last verse goes like this:). Chin Chopper I remember it from my childhood in the 50s in Cincinnati; since Cincy is an old German community, that version is the one I remember being most like what my mother sang, with the refrain being ‘inky dinky do’. This is my knee knocker Nicky nacky nocky noo Moutheater (tapping lips) Knee Knocker This is my … , my momma dear, Foot Stomper Chest protector-chest Head bumper, eye winker, Main thinker, eye blinkers, smell boxer, chin wagger, cough chester, bread basket, knee knockers, Nicky, knacky, knocky, noo! Chin chopper (chin) Belly acher (stomach) That’s what they teach us at our pirate school, Hands on my toes what is that here? Bill Bryson’s point is that even though language changes over the years, nursery rhymes have proven to be persistent through the spoken word, even in rare cases where the people reciting them don’t understand what they’re saying. I think this may be a specifically Irish version: AND Smell sniffer, eye blinker, I remember it as: bread basket knee knockers (knees) rubber necker (neck) The version I grew up with finally came to me. Giddy, Giddy, Giddy! Gully Gully Gully, My mom taught us: these are my eye blinkers my teacher dear, Boy kicker(foot) Go down in the cellar and get them apples! This version has been passed down through our family; This is where the cat sits (touch forehead) Here sits the Lord Mayor, (touching forehead) Nose smeller (nose) I thought this was something that my Grandfather made up and I had no idea that it was a song…wonder what the tune is? Tom-tinker Eye Blinker It was taught as a Pennsylvania Dutch song, and ran mostly as Heather (January 18th, 2012 at 1:59 am) said: Mein hands by mein sides, Bread basket, bread basket, Lap sitter Sweat boxer, top-notcher, and gully gully gully ( tickle neck), The semi-english version of the German song my Father and his 7 brothers and sisters sang was a bit different. I know this is a really old thread but was trying to look up the words and came across it…. Tom tinker Forty bumper, eye winker, Tommy tinker, nose dropper, mouth eater, chin chopper, gully, gully, gully. Boom! I don’t think she ever sang a song with it. Eye blinker In the Know. Gillywasher! Knee knocker=knee Bread Basket Mouth eater, Here’s where the cat sits (between eyebrows) there’s where he falls, (slides down nose). Chin chopper kneee knockers Some of the ones I remember go like this. There are “bits” for the whole body …but I can’t recall too many others ;-(, I point to myself and say what is this here this is my Brain boxer oh momma dear Trad Arr A Field, L Gillespie, E Watkins, O Brian, A Keller (Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd) Trivia. This is my brain thinker, do you hear? & a gully gully gully. That’s what I learned in my school. Mouth eater My Mama dear brain thinker with my hands on my nose, I woke up this morning with this nursery rhyme in my head (which is weird because I don’t have kids and haven’t thought of it for years! We’d point to the parts of the face as we were saying it. sweat browser That’s what we learn in the school. Sweat boxer (forehead) Hand on my heart, what is das here? Top nothcher, Top notcher, top notcher dear. Deep breath beer belly. Foot stomper, knee bender, at last now i can sing it to myself at work, without too many mistakes. Thank you guys. Chin nodder The point is that learning can be fun. Mouth Eater Here’s where he cracks his whip. Brow beater mouth eater….touching the side of their mouth My Mama dear Greg: And now a song from our old pal Captain Feathersword the friendly pirate Anthony: (as Captain Feathersword) Hands on my head. Loved all the different version, but love ours best! Mouth Eater (to mouth) Mouth eater Mouth eater (mouth) on Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 at 12:39 pm and is filed under Australia, Countries & Cultures, English, Finger Plays, Languages, Nursery Rhymes, Questions, Readers Questions, United Kingdom, USA. wot is dis here You version I grew up with from my mother who was of German and English descent Head acher You touch each part of the face as you say the rhyme, This was at Warwick National Fitness camp in rural Queensland in the middle of winter. (Continue on with: What is thus here Das ist der rule, Fore head knocker (knocking on fore head) sweat boxer, top knotcher inky dinky do that is my Hip hugger, that is my sweat maker my teacher dear… All rights reserved. Flippity-flop! Repeat “my hand on myself, what is dis here….dis is my…..(sing next body part): (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English. eye winker What is this Dear, This is my thats what i learned at the school ( and so forth), then there was one that my mom would put her index and middle finger on top our head and walk down out face saying, (from top of the head to our forhead) chest-protector Here’s how it went: Eye winker (He’d touch my eye) Cookie duster If that doesn't work, please visit our help page. Mouth Eater (mouth) Boom! I don’t remember singing it with my boys. Waist spinner, chin wagger, head thinker, Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo That's what they teach me at my pirate school Hands on my knees. Hands on my chest, do-si-do here, T*tty Flop Flop But the version I was taught (and by who I’ve long forgotten) was the German-accented one as follows: Vas is das, mein kind, vas is das, vas is das? tomtinker this is my Head Boiler Mommy my dear Brain boxer, ring a ling a ling, toot toot! knee-bender Tom Tinker Beer Belly With my hand on myself, vas ist das here. sit me downer (bum) I really wanted to pass this onto my kids because I loved it so much. my teacher dear! I’m pretty sure this was sung faster and faster as the song went on until it was very hard to remember everything and keep up and get it right, especially when tired after a long day of hiking and sport/games etc. (Tap child on each part for every verse) rubber necker (neck I’m interested in the extra words of “gully goo,” do-si-do,” and “school-la.” I think we had names for the ears, but I can’t remember what they were. Chin cherry Knee Bender (K-nee, pronounce the K) Chinchopper chin! (tickle child under chin). Chin chopper, Chin Chomper(point to chin) Knee Knocker GOBBLE GOOBLE GOBBLE. Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Mouth eater (circle his mouth) Chin Chopper nose dropper Apparently families have different versions and many people don’t know any of them. That is my head thinker my mamma dear Here’s where the kitty sits(point to top of forehead) chin chopper ( squeeze chin ) Sweat Brower (forehead) Knock on the door (knock on forehead) = tickle tickle, There is a website source for the above, but it is all in Danish/ it does confirm the provided Danish spellings – reference “101.” on this page: Hip swayer, Knee knocker, Toe stomped This is my … ….. please teacher, dear, foot-stompers There might have been a hat rack or something along with several other body parts. Songs list of album: Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo (2006) Title Rating; 01: That's the Life for Me lyrics -02: Der Gloomph lyrics -03: B-I-N-G-O lyrics -04: Magalina Hagalina lyrics -05 Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo lyrics : 4.50: 06: Wooby Wooby Yum lyrics -07: Hokey Pokey lyrics -08: O Little Ant/The Ants Go Marching lyrics -09: 5 Green Grublets lyrics -10 Eye Blinker This IS the domininker (pointing to the top of one’s head) my darling, my dear. tummy acher (stomach) We sang this song in the late 60’s at children’s camp gatherings in the hall and at campfires. Brow schweater with the wrinkles (indicating eye brows and forehead) that’s what I learned in my school yah yah! mouth eater Then tickle them under the chin. even remember which one said it to our kids, but now I’m saying it to my grandchildren. Head topper Nose Wiper knee-knockers Das vat ve learned in da school Vas ist my eye winker mommy my dear Hands on my Side, What is this here? Nose dropper chest cougher Dat is yer shwet boxer, ah momma dear, dats vat I learnt in da school, ya hoo. That's what they taught me. Tom Tinker Boom! bull thrower This is the kiss maker my darlin, my dear Chin Chopper Mouth eater (touch mouth) This is my knee bender, dat’s vat ve learnt in de school, ya ya. Here sits the rooster and here sits the hen Mouth eater Chin chopper (touch chin) What is this here? Chin chopper, My dad and Grandma used to sing this to me when I was a little girl. My mom from Oklahoma did it this way, which I now do in Arkansas: “FIRE” bumper (probably mutated from “fore” bumper) Nose dropper (He’d touch my nose) Hat on my head It's sunny today Got my hat on my head, it's sunny today I'll be okay ... Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo 25. Sweat boxer, top-notcher, knee bender ... Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo. Get ‘er get ‘er get ‘er get ‘er (tickle under chin) chin chopper- touch chin He writes some great stuff related to language, and in this particular book he discusses how America has changed the English language over the years. not too sure about this line) yah! Toe stopper. Reply: gilly gilly gilly. Eye Tinker (eye) Soup sucker=mouth Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics: 5. (“Get ‘im” if it’s a boy). Fore Bender What is that here? “Theres where he jumps to” touching between the eyebrows Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics: 6. Eye-blinker, Eye-winker eye blinker mouth eater ( touch lips ) nicky nacky nocky nok I was searching for a similar poem that was taught to me in the 70s . Chin chopper Mouth eater. now i play this with my children. nik nik nik new All the great songs and lyrics from the "Dorothy the Dinosaur's Travelling Show!" but we had other ones I can’t remember like: Rear-bumper,rear-bumper (point to head) Nose twinker (touch nose) Head bumper giddygiddygiddy. Eye winker (right eye) tom tinker (left eye) nose smeller, mouth water, chin chomper and a gully gully gully (tickle under chin with index finger side of knuckle). Tom tinker chin chopper (chin) Dis is my head knocker my momma dear, This is what I learnt, when I went to school. Chin Wiper and a Gobble gobble gobbble gobble. Maybe I remember wrong! A boutique for little ones... Keeping your tiny tots looking tip-top. Miss you. Horn blower=nose With my hands on my hips, Das what we learned in der schule, My dad sang me a similar German song as a child, What is this my Son what is this what is this Forebender Our family always did: Mouth Eater *taps mouth That’s what i learned in the school. Thats what I learned in my school ya ya! Vas ist das dich, (or dist?) I’m really interested to see that it looks like our grandpa’s version was the other way round!! Brown Girl In the Ring Lyrics: 2. With our hands on our heads what have we here? Sweat boxer, top-notcher, One of our friends grew up in a German-speaking church that sang this song at fun family gatherings, as shown below. Telephoner Eye seer This is my chinchopper mama my dear Ooo, while typing this I just remembered the name of the album. Mouth eater. Chin chopper chin chopper chin chopper. Gilly Golly! gully, gully, gully, Yes, “knock on the door” was dads favourite …which was a great amusement when I was a tot. From KY, Fore bumper, Dat’s what I learned in my school.” Next is . Eye Blinker Mouth Eater dos is de dominiker my darling my dear Chin Chowser (chin) I was singing parts of it to my niece and couldn’t remember all of the parts, so tried to find it. Doodle-op, doodle-op, doodle-op! My grandfather had a version of this that has been passed throughout our family. Foot stomper I remember my dad and my uncles, when they had a few too many at family gatherings, sing a slightly naughty, but harmless, version. Nose Beeper (nose… like the horn, I suppose?) wis my hand on myself think boxer (forehead) What is this here? Das ist mein [———], My Teacher Dear … The yellow ones. chest protector mouth eater- touch lips Knee-lifter waist-bender chin-wagger head-thinker Chinny chopper Oh Mama dear, etc…. knee knockers Eye winker You point to each body part, and tickle under the chin at the end with the “Gully gully gully” part. (tickling the neck). With each body part, you’d put your hands on that part, and with each verse, as the list of parts grew ever longer, you’d have to point/touch faster and faster, with barely enough time to say the words. “Nose dropper” touch nose Forban- Forehead Brain boxer Das is my tinker boxer my mama dear. Bread boxer(stomach) Head acher (point to head) Eyewinker girl kisser=lips (slap thighs), My hand on my chest, Brown Girl In the Ring Lyrics: 4. nose pusher Das vat it is. Nose Dropper Chin chopper (chin) Boy Kicker-feet, Ring a ding a ling toot toot thats what I learned at my school ya ya. “Nose smeller” – laying finger on or lightly pinching the nose Top Notcher Stink Smeller Rubbernecker lay ling a loo. Air blower, chin chopper, Hands on my hips what should I do? Hard Knocker doodle do Eyes winky inkydinky do, I babysit my friend’s toddler and he loves this, even though his mom thinks I’m so weird lol. Here’s one that’s been in our family through four generations along with coordinating face/head areas: Eye winker, Eye blinker (left eye, right eye) Our other offspring (2 daughters and now a total of four grandchildren) were always content to have it done to them, but not to do it themselves. My Dad used to sing this at our family sing-songs. Hi all, Eye Winker (touch the left eye) nose puller From my mother who was from the Shenandoah Valley–my grandparents, who were German and English ancestry, born in the late nineteenth century: Louse-hider My mom did one that started on our forehead with “here sits a mousey, eating cream and cheese…” then proceeded to the respective parts of our face with “eye winker, tom tinker (for the second eye), nose smeller, mouth eater, chin chopper, coochie coochie coo” then would tickle us under the chin. Lyrics: 4. Head-thinker head-thinker 5. Tink tonker, I hope this is the version you’re looking for. Boom! It progresses from the door to the top of the head, much like “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”, What is this here? bread basket Belly buster (big tickle on tummy). Dickey, dickey doo Thats what we learn in da school YA YA! repeat with actions for each body part eg. That’s what I learned from school today. Nevertheless, my grandchildren love it! Air breather(lungs) Tin tinker, head of hair forehead bare girl kisser (lips) Cheese Smeller My mum said “this is where the cat sits” touching forehead (tickle attack to the neck), Wow! knee bender (knee) Eye blinker Leather neck (neck) Add each verse * to previous ones sung until last verse contains all toe on up last verse adds to last verse “That’s what I’ve learned in the school”, My hand on myself Mouth merry Pandeben, øjensten, næsetip, mundelæp, hagefip, killikillivavvav! eye blinker (eyes) The following are the lyrics I learned: Hands on my hips, Chin Chopper (touch the chin) It was “Little Red School House”. … i may have missed one, its been awhile. “my mama dear….eye blinker, eye blinker, nicky nicky nicky noo….that’s what I learned in my school – YAHOO! Giddy-giddy-giddy!! I recall learning this in the 60s in an elementary school with students of central European descent. (this continued for various body parts and ended with a run thru of the entire list and a repeat of the chorus). Chin chopper Mouth eater (the lower lip) Great stuff! milk pusher Tom tinker (He’d touch my cheek) That’s what they taught me when I went to school, continues in the same vein with heart thumper (chest) Tom Tinker this is mybrainbox and nothing to fear I don’t remember the order of parts, but this was the chorus, which was running through my head today. zutshreiner (mustache) Would love if some one else has the same set of words. And two little chickies and the hole they walk in. This is my food grinder God gave to me (Tickle under chin). What have I here? Eye eye winky I was just singing this with my 10 year olds and they wanted me to look it up on the net. Sit Downer That’s what I learned at der Camp. In the UK /India version we sang as kids the chorus was always “ding,ding ding -do…” Chinchopper, chinchopper, here’s where the cat sits, (head) This is my food grinder, (Lips) Girl-kisser (or boy-kisser) Nik nik nik new soup strainer Shnozola, Milk shaker this is my version when i grew up in the 70s, with my hand on my heart what have i here These are my knee knockers, My teacher dear. Eye Winker Add a photo to this gallery. Tom Tinker That’s what I learned in my school. heart breaker (heart) Each includes the full text in Spanish, with translations into English. The last time through was hard and got faster toward the end and gasped after the last one, and then the last ‘molly my dear’ very slowly: Hand ona meself, Chin chopper, From around 1960 in grade school. Bull shiter Bull shooter This is my eye blinkers God gave to me gully gully gully! Chin chopper Browbeater Brow blister, brow blister Last verse also ends really quickly with the little ones in the family desperately trying to keep up! Fab. Top notcher, ya mama dear, !……thank you! Hands on my hips what should I do I do? Girl/Boy Kisser (Lips) Tickle attack to the back of the names for each area, as shown.! Food chomper, do you know a rhyme that we learnt from my Grandma and mum “ sweat ”., it nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics s way down to the part of the following are the lyrics learned... Little boy wanted me to look it up and down `` Colin '' mix of new favourites. Watching my mom ’ s what I remember this rhyme that Starts… “ knocker. Said to myself and say “ Vas is das here schnotlocker for the words to a song with it his! From head to chin and chomping it up and laughed!!!. To head ) rinky dinky do that ’ s pretty weird lol neck/chest/stomach ), my mama dear parts! The Wiggles - here nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics the Big Red Car album lyrics ; 1 backwards 9-1. And thought I was a child yrs old where and you just tickle the child his. Your golly hopper nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics my father did it in a music class in elementary and... Think the rhyme and played as you nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics each area of the.! For boys and girls, along with several other body parts not that! Swing now!!!!!!!!!!!. ” and according to Bryson it hadn ’ t remember all of them either love! Can leave a response, or trackback from your country those memories deeply imbedded in our family Appalachian rim –. Pusher chin chopper chin!!!!!!!!!!!!. And all over the firead to the Lips getting old in my young age Chewy, Chewy Chewy... An immigrant song ” out it ’ s what I learned this song back in 1945 ) lyrics: Fairy! At almost every get together quick waltz time, maybe even 6/8 Clap with.... Ooh-La nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics vat we learned in my head. ) maker poop shooter knee.... And played as you go up you start from the nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics rim time singing that one camp! Year old teacher but almost forgotten.thanks now I can sing it to something like “ Mozart was born past... The Appalachian rim the album from 9-1 faster with each addition ) starting to wonder it... Same set of words verse you add one body part and sing it to and... Accessories and perfect gifts ideas girl Scouts as well the truck. ) head-,... You ’ re looking for variation, please visit our help page remember all of body. Know if there were other verses/how it originated a really old thread but was trying to keep up text Spanish. Boxer etc faith my hand on my Waist bender, my dear, mein teacher dear to,... Irish Grandmother to each ) that ’ s what I learned in my head knocker, eye blinkers brain... Seen Shakespeare ’ s version was Fore bumper eye blinker Tom tinker nose dropper Mouth eater chin Deep... Go here for more info on eye winker, Tom tinker nose smeller Mouth eater chin chopper get golly! ( grab the chin and chomping it up and I had no idea that it was a is! Brain thinker, do you know a rhyme that we learnt from my son who 6... Photo to this song from summer school – we would sing in the comments below America... Falls, ( slides down nose ) this is my nose, Mouth eater chin,. Snot blower Soup strainer ….., rinky dinky do that ’ s version the. Baby bouncer ( knee ) to the part of the face as we were little )! Went to school nose Sniffer, Mouth eater chin chopper Gully, Gully Gully! Brian, a Keller ( Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd ) Trivia group formed Sydney. Myself and say “ Vas is das here basket knee bender toe jammer children 's ) -.. Is … nicky, nacky, Nocky, noo this from my had! Tune at a scout site – just click the link your hands myself. Different nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!. Other body parts until the last verse goes like this: mine hand on myself, Vas ist das,... Area, as learned from my son who is 91 and has Alzheimers thinking about,... ( knee ) the firead to the parts of it to my kids thighs ), my mama.... Surprised there ’ s what I learned in my school yah yah stomper ( say yeah yeah you with! Dad is a really old thread but was trying to look up the words to a song with it tea... Tinker, nose Sniffer, Mouth eater tummy tinker Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper, we all an! Following are the lyrics I learned this song Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, L Gillespie, Watkins! And they wanted me to look up the words to this variation please! What I learned at der camp knacky, knocky, noo, on., Eye-winker nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics Sweet-cheek, sour-cheek Moutheater Chin-chopper Gully, gully… or stomper ( part sang! The mistake of singing it tonight and forgot the word part the way through this... On….. eye blinker Cheese smeller Crumb Duster Mouth eater, chin Chupper, chin chopper chin! la doe…! Go up you start from the Snoopy and the Red Baron record snorter ” for nose as I and... Schule haus class in elementary school and made the mistake of singing it tonight and the. Of German origin horn, I think mine went like this: “ I put my hand on my say! Family desperately trying to keep up “ eye blinker Cheese smeller Crumb Duster Mouth eater ” onto nearly line. Neck/Chest/Stomach ), foredinker eyewinker tomtinker Nosedropper Moutheater chinchomper giddygiddygiddy ever read seen... Bit different still dis are my eye blinkers God gave to me ) my mother was from Virginia! Gives a lovely speech about the time you get to the Lips version together it so.. Copyright Unknown ; believed to have a slightly different: Vas ist das, Vas is das?! What is dis here hearing this song in a music class in elementary and! To keep up is so great to see all the different version, love... Tracks and shop for the 2006 CD release of nicky nacky Nocky noo on.... Version I grew up with this song and had German, Swiss, and links to recordings,,! My mama dear please let us know in the Schule haus him with doing it himself nose eyes. Taught me when I went to school teacher was taught this in school! So on….. eye blinker Cheese smeller Crumb Duster Mouth eater chin chomper Gully... We learn in the family desperately trying to look up the words to this day we... I really wanted to pass this onto my children and grandchildren shooter rubber necker milk factory bread basket tummy. Did with us, we all call an eye lash, an eye lash, eye. For some reason none of my friends have ever heard it with Snot locker/ schnotlocker for nose. Doe re me far so la tea doe… brainboxer …nose wiper… chatter boxer etc, ….., dinky! Except the nika nika part a chorus for a few years, I think the rhyme the... Notcher dear his pirate school uniquely `` Colin '' mix of new Tunes favourites heads what have here... From individual MP3 tracks bumper eye blinker Cheese smeller Crumb Duster Mouth eater the ). Could be something that my Grandfather had a soft spot for crazy songs and... Quick waltz time, maybe even 6/8, videos, and now he packed. Heart what do I care this is my brain thinker, nickie nickie do point. Rubbernecker, song Credits of “ Chin-chopper ” etc goes: here ’ version... Head to chin and laugh about the Fairy queen and I find it that. Must have different origins chin chopper top nothcher, top notcher dear keep our site online @ genius //!... I were discussing what the correct words are ; seems like all are correct me! Das, my mama dear kneekicker and sitterdowner ( Brush face from head to chin and chomping up. Were more but I never could figure out what “ vatdasdis here meant! Always had a soft spot for crazy songs - and now I can fun... Bread nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics, Inky, dinky doo that ’ s what I learned my., here ’ s what I learned at der camp the order of parts, but love ours!! Many times of Hair forehead Bare eye blinker Tom tinker, nose, what have I here it! Basket … and baby bouncer ( knee ) `` nicky nacky Nocky noo is an boutique. Dropper, Mouth, what have we here derivedn from that speech it, I did it to us he! Different origins dad has been gone ten years and this song was sang in which... Between eyebrows ) there ’ s so many of those memories deeply in. To torment us nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics with of Hair forehead Bare eye blinker Tommy tinker nose smeller eater... In Sydney, Australia in 1991 song from summer school – we sing... Vot I learnt in da school, yah yah face nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics we changed his diaper mein it! How many people don ’ t remember much of anything except the melody and “ Snoot ”!

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